Hi!  My name is Melanie (she/her), and I am a wedding, editorial portrait, and pet photographer in Madison, Wisconsin. 

I have to admit, I am a wedding photographer with a deep skepticism of the wedding industry (even though I am a part of it). The things that give me joy are weddings that are true to you. I'd love to work with couples who are celebrating a union between two equals. Whatever your family looks like, and whoever you are, I would love to talk to you about making something special and unique. Also, I love dogs. Please bring your dog. 

I started my college life and career studying literature, thinking I would spend my life in a library reading stories about far-off places and people whose life seemed very far removed from my own. A turn in the economy and an impatience with only reading about and not experiencing life had me leaving a Ph.D. program and traveling alone through India. It was this trip where a love of photography sunk its teeth in and hasn't let go!

Even though I only had a cheap point-and-shoot camera, when I look back at those photos I am instantly transported back. This is what I love about photographs, how much they can viscerally bring you to a moment in time. After coming home, I saved all summer for a "real" camera, went BACK to school (I know, I'm a glutton for punishment) to learn my craft, and am now working in Madison, Wisconsin as a wedding and dog photographer. I also work part of the year for Burning Man, and do some photographing out there as well. Ask me about it, I'd love to tell you over a beer and some cheese curds.